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Monday, February 29, 2016

February, 2016

Rainy day cool breeze over toes. Nice to feel after yesterday's thick heat. Thunder near overhead. Drops punctuate leaving audibles of various weight in time differing frequency. You go on because it's more interesting than the nothing of death. We usually don't notice the death all around us unless we're surrounded by tombstones. Most of the time most of us are focussing on what is being conveyed on our screens. Are you paying attention. Dead plants and dead animals surround us. Minerals. Dead brother. Yet life came out of nothing as matter and energy when the Big Bang occurred.  At the same time living goes on welcoming the rain.  Birds whistle in their ways within the few trees left in a neighbourhood which had many a few years ago. Distant motorcycle engine buzz signals the end of the rain. Water is the new low cal drink for people on the go. Ronald Reagan helped liberate Auschwitz. Just ask Yitzhak Shamir. The working class will never produce enough wealth to pay off their debts to the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie have been very patient with the use of their wealth.  Why workers get a pension when they're in debt to the finance capitalists is a mystery to most conscious conservative bourgeois. There are those who are born to own. The lazy ones must work for them. That is the way it is it was and always will be.  Just ask the ruling class and their many obedient supporters. Urine flows into the toilet. Thunder with heavier drops reports with lightning. Flashing with rolling vibrations like some uneven stone carriage wheel on a large cobblestone road. The useful producers receive in goods and services the social equivalent of their work. Those unable to work share that abundance. Socialism I endorse in a nutshell. People need leadership because they don't know where they're going. Leaders know where to take people. Leaders have no interest in using people for their own ends. Rapid chaotic drops fall. Conservative workers vote conservative and express conservative opinions because they believe the pie is shrinking.  They cannot see that it is growing because they cannot integrate their personal situation with the growing wealth. This view leads conservative workers to oppose immigration and especially the random immigration of refugees from war zones--the fear that there won't be enough to go around. The fear of imported violence like the fear of contamination from being near someone who has cancer. There is also a fear of cultural loss due to waves of culturally different people overwhelming the existing culture. This fear is partially based on reality but it is a reality which more often than not enriches the culture as the immigrants assimilate into the culture and lose much of their own over time most especially those restricting the freedom of the individual.  There is a fear about a loss of culture in the immigrant community as well.  The more closely aligned the immigrant is with the religiously driven political processes of feudalism the longer it takes for the immigrant and his family (because he is born into a strictly patriarchal culture he truly believes his honour depends on his exercising ownership over family members) to adjust to an industrialised capitalist socially liberal culture.   Both sides see only one side their own side and both fear assimilation. Assimilation is part of the historical movement of human beings away from the tribe and toward a cosmopolitan global democratic community. Reactionaries react against this human driven historical flow. Older cultures remain in many ways in their sublation into new stronger freer social relations. The reactionary is fearful of this change.  The reactionary fears the freedom possible in the sovereign individual. Conservatives want the more things change the more they stay the same to be reality and they strive their best to make it the Truth. They become disappointed when reality is changed by people socially relating as time flows on. Chattel slavery is an example. Slave owners and their benighted sympathisers become disappointed and angry when they think on what they've lost.  The glory of actually owning other human beings! Just think of the power!  Like a monarch absolute power in your possession as private property.  And all lost now. The more things change the more they remain the same didn't apply. Was all this loss made possible by all those writers who were allowed to sit in their private rooms and write?  Yes.  Always suspicious those writers thinkers and artists.  They're trouble.  Must shut down youtube. Too many dissident voices causes the masses to have too many different thoughts.  Where is the cohesion dare I say equality between classes going to end up if this thought explosion is allowed too wide a range. Careful management is needed to calm matters down.  It's like the flat tax or a sales tax.  Everyone pays the same price for government no matter how rich or poor they are.  Isn't the GST grand. The rich own the places where we work. They are kind enough to hire us for the market price of our particular skill set in exchange for owning the collective product of our labour and benignly ruling us by getting the politicians that they deserve into Parliament. We owe them a lot. Budget deficits alone demonstrate this fact of life. Our debt to them is deep. Our government is so poor that it has to borrow from the banks and the rich in general sell them government bonds as the saying goes. Interest must be paid and taxes must be cut for the upper 10% and the companies that they own. If the workers get restless there's always a reform government can buy them off with. After all the real GDP is growing with real gains in output per labour hour. Thanks for letting me off the hook. That sums up current thinking on political-economy and the respect for the wealth producing class amongst the elite. A heat wave is coming this weekend. Heat waves will become more frequent over at least the next thousand years unless some tech or natural fix intervenes. I pity future generations who will live with the decisions made by our elite today based on an inability to see the forest for the trees.  Why should we expect anything else from the bourgeoisie the epitome of bourgeois individualism in practice. Tiny is as tiny does with short term interests in mind dominating actual practice.  As long as I get mine. These people invented it. And all made possible by our unfreedom. Do you see a dialectical connection there. A connection based on material necessity based on class interests which for the bourgeoisie means hooray for me devil take the hindmost.  Heat waves are exhausting unless your air conditioning is functioning well. Perhaps you have no air conditioning.  Are you Aboriginal or poor. Just be happy about the equality of classes in our nation. Be a proud taxpayer when you buy your ciggies.  Be a proud tax payer when you fill up at the bowser.  Be a proud tax payer when you pay the GST and sin taxes on your six pack of Coopers Mild Ale. Support our troops no matter where they're being sent by your Parliament. After all you are a taxpayer. And you want to be more of a taxpayer than you are today. And you can be that with the hike and widening of the GST.  While you're at it you can show your thanks for your jobs and your government by accepting cuts to taxes which overwhelmingly benefit the rich. Progressive taxes of course.  These people need tax relief.  They have been loaning your government money for years.  And what do they get.  A piddling interest rate in their principal. And so yes. Make me more of a tax player in the government.  I'm sick of leaning like some ANZAC shirker in WWI. I don't want to be a wild colonial boy.  I don't want to be Ned Kelley.  I want to be an Australian patriot ready to support the boys and girls overseas whenever prompted by my representatives in Parliament. Right? Getting horny around 3 or 4 in the afternoon seems to have occurred forever. Maybe it's just me but I doubt it. There's nothing wrong with fucking as long as it is mutually agreeable.  This is not a widely held principle in the society I dwell in. It's more like sex is a exchange-value of some kind.  Thus the less labour time in it the more attractively priced it becomes. Makes market sense for the commodified consciousness. Once upon a time we carried tool weapons.  Long knives and so on which could be used for a variety of purposes. Today in Vanuatu you'll see men walking down roads leading to towns with machetes in their hands. Much work is done using machetes in Vanuatu. Most people don't feel a threat of violence though. Some say that Coconut Crabs steal machetes. What they would do with them is a mystery to me. Most people who ask for nothing get it. Perth is more affected by climate change than any other city in the world. Foreshortened looser bowel. Colonoscopy appointments to make. Mates to see and speak with in pubs where happy hour prices prevail on pints of ale. Tobacco smoke wafts in the door from the beer garden outside where men watch racing live from various courses. Gambling's a loser's game as is the acceptance of a fair day's wage for a fair day's work as the best of all possible worlds. Capitalists laugh and lead their own quiet lives of desperation in the better neighbourhoods. Their money provided to them through your labour time propels them up the commodified wall of psychiatric time. It's 10:30. I'll see you same time next week. Good-bye now.  Cast a critical eye.  See what's going on. Look before you leap.  Haste makes waste. Contradiction makes perfection impossible. Love makes the world go around in your mind. The market rules outside. You are the object of an object. The root of your subjectivity goes untapped or nearly tapped. Gaps between the perfection of ideas and the messy reality of human to human social relations based on a narrow individualistic interest in screwing your neighbour in order to get ahead not be a head. Perhaps exploiting your neighbour would be a better way to express it. Freedom as the other's unfreedom. Back stabbing as a way of life. After all one has to makes one's living. Success based on opportunism a basic flaw in the meritocracy argument spewed forth by human resources' offices the world over. How much is that wage slave in the window  I do hope that wage slave's for sale. I do so need her labour power.  So I can have something to sell. Shooting shooting shooting.  Keep those men a shooting.  Keep those men a shooting worldwide.  All power to your ruling class. If anyone deserves to die it's you so that your rulers may continue to live on the wealth you once produced. Dud root is how I'm perceived. Ageism. Fuck that. I fully accept the fact that I'm much less attractive as I age. Still I feel hard done by in the sense that my drives are dismissed as the fantasies of a dirty old man. Shame on you dirty old man for having lustful desires. Go away now. I was never interested in sex anyway even though I had orgasms 99% of my sex life which is now hopefully mostly over. Dicks are such a burden.  I used to put up with them but no more. No need. I look nifty at fifty. Fuck you but not really. Besides I've been hard done by and I can't be bothered with sex anymore.  Well maybe. We call this normal. It conforms to some idea we've been taught. It's commonsense. Like the fact the we don't go to demonstrations. But others do.  They go to every demonstration or most of them. You always see them there.  They're leaders.  They sell their papers. A lot of fellow demonstrators feel sorry for their leaders so they buy a paper. A lot of others just wish to avoid their leaders. If push comes to shove in the political arena they avoid their leaders. They won't vote for them to be their leaders. Their leaders are too extreme.  Their leaders are always using those words that everyone's been taught to sneer at.  Imperialism. Racism. Socialism. Communism and even anarchism. And the leaders secretly sneer at the masses. They know that the popular masses must be led and so they make their sacrifices. They know the masses are pro imperialist and racist and sexist and homophobic and ageist and damn right oppressive when it comes down to it all and for capitalism. Still the masses must be led to the New Jerusalem after their party has seized the State. So they flog their papers which go largely undigested in the bin after the demonstration has finished and everyone goes home and puts their favourite television program on between checking their mobiles for calls and messages.  Inanity rules. Celebrities must be monitored for faults. All is known already. Human nature is the answer to the question of what is wrong with the world. Dogma provides the least path of resistance for static thinking and vapidity. You can't hope your way anywhere.  You can hope to get there but you know there is no there there in your mind. Your vapidity is showing when you need political leaders: it is an admission that you don't know where you are going. You don't have to know everything to know where you're going. Materialists know this.  Idealists are ideologically immune to knowing this. The belief in perfection undermines one's perception of reality. Sun beats the life out of plants in the backyard. Cover them as the first farmers did in Sumeria. Leafy trees have been cut down to provide real estate speculators with more room to make money selling black heat soaking roofed homes to employed workers who make enough money to pay bank rents called mortgages.  When the family home has been paid off older more weather beaten worn the empty nest is expected to fetch a higher price perhaps even as much as its original taking CPI into account before interest payments to finance capitalists ate into capital gains from sale so that the now retired worker can live in the village of the damned and then a nursing home employing bored neglectful workers some sadistic making their own mortgage payments. Unless of course the economy tanks and more highly priced homes glut the market made up of unemployed members of the surplus population. Sunny day with mild temperatures breezes and cirrus clouds.  I wear Roy G Biv to celebrate my happiness. Storms are to be weathered on other days. Darkness at noon.  That was a great title.  An eclipse of the Enlightenment? Best to wear thick goggles to view the event horizon. A lack of vision is a handicap at times a means of survival in others. I suppose most find monogamy sexually boring after a while. Power because we don't have power now. Connection. Play more you idiots. Remember how much fun you used to have as a child. I bought games.  I put my nickels and quarters into pinball machines. Solo. I also played baseball and football with my mates when I was a child.  Volleyball and basketball came later. All fun.  All play. Made possible by free-time. Seize your time! If you can find an enjoyable way to do so you're gold. I fully understand the impediments though. I encounter them on a daily basis.  They include a sense of morality which equates consensual sex with sin. They also include your job accompanied by those who have power over you. Silence can be golden at work unless you're creating ways to make workers more productive.  Productivity is where it's at.  Output per hour of labour must be increased.  Increase production.  Grasp revolution.  Right.
Or even more absurd cease production altogether forever.  Or die for your country. The workers have no country.  The workers die for their rulers. Psychology is bullshit. Right.  Yet the reversal of subject and object is driving some deluded humans to blow themselves up in order to reach the god which exists only in their minds in some early medieval fantasy about an afterlife of real sensuous being. Enough people and all take an idea this existentially serious and you've got trouble right here in River City unless the brave idealists of a religious bent happen to be your own children.  
Then everything is hunky dory.  Unless your kid blows herself up.
A slow death of a thousand cuts via the negative freedom embodied in bourgeois individualism is acceptable. After all freedom is not license. Only the State can issue a license to kill.  James.  James Bond. And the State is controlled by the ruling class of any era.  It's more centralised in terms of its political power in some more than others.  It is always an instrument of class rule. Only your ruling class can issue a fatwa. Defend your ruling class. Join the military today. What could go wrong?  Besides you need an authority above you to set you straight. You've been off the rails too long now. Bondage and discipline can be good.  Socially assimilated psychological determinants have nothing to do with what I've been talking about. I wasn't wanted by the person who had the power. More access to steady money more power. Okay.  I give up. Thanks for the memories. I am indifferent to your approval or disapproval. To the degree that I can enforce it I remain a sovereign individual. Think on this.  What the average politically ignorant worker wants: A permanent job with more responsibility which in turn means more power to control behaviours at the workplace. Only your ruling class can issue a fatwa. James Bond had a license to kill too. Suicide bombing kids believe in an afterlife.  There is none. But you can't tell them that and expect much of a rational explanation for their desire to die for the cause. Faith is not knowledge.  Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not based on mental whimsy which isn't to say that one cannot indulge in a bit of whimsy while developing wisdom. The world can be a lonely place for perfectionists a good enough reason not to be one. Besides perfectionism distorts critical observation and reflection. Heatwave punctuated with thunderstorm period. Red coloured shorts sunshine and saltwater. February in the Southern Hemisphere a time for beer and more beer lots of ocean swimming beach running weed toking when possible and music. Will Joey Alexander blossom into another Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The human race has so much potential to take off to another level. If we as a whole ever decide to make our own history.  Decide is the crucial verb. Deciding ready made choices isn't good enough. We need to decide for ourselves to be free.  Free for each other. Free with each other.  Free because we each want those who surround us in our communities to be free. No human in bondage to another. Cheapness in culture is driven through the commodification of what we produce. Eschew jargon. Cognitive dissonance has its limits. Every once in awhile waves of sadness wash over my mind's eye as I reflect on those to whom I shall never speak again. Normal would be for death to come to me any moment now.  I'm 71.  I could last until I'm 120 or so but I doubt that I'll be able to miss than many bullets. The freedom I've achieved over my life is something which I consider part of my honour.  Not that I shouldn't have contributed at all.  More like I'm glad that I avoided the quantity of arduous labour time afforded so many in my class.  Around the world there are children working for a pittance.  There are workers producing vast amounts of wealth whose wage is a tiny fraction of what is eventually marketed. A dog barks in the distance horizon.  A jet passes overhead. I don't get through to people because I speak in jargon. This puzzles me. Honestly we need to share a pint of ale. Maybe then you'd see.  But then you'd forget. Political amnesia a defence mechanism. Don't want to rock the boat. The precariat is a new definition for what has been an old fear amongst the working class. Not being able to find a buyer for your labour power can be downright scary.  The prospect of making a home in the family car looms large as the talking heads hired by people with enough money to own the media tell you to get a job and stop being a whinger or a dole bludger. Vote conservative to punish the bastards and bitches stealing from us via the progressive part of the tax system which punishes success. As conservative mantras go this is at the top of the list. Works well in an imaginary way for Tory battlers. An orgasmic fuck is the way to start the day if you can. The right side of the bed is wet.  Avoid it and rest well. This is the communist mantra. Or it should be. Too many culturally motivated lefties in moral bondage to self-imposed misery based on guilt about something they don't control. Shaming political dominators is insufficient. I've always thought knowing the score about what power is based on is far more important in terms of organising an effective class based power. The bourgeoisie are masters of class interests.  They know that they write the rules and regulations about who owns the lion's share of the wealth. The power to write law is directly connected to the ownership of wealth and vice versa.  Dialectical unity of difference. Most of us see and feel this relation.  Most of us also don't give it second thought.  It's the norm. It has always been that way because humans are sinners and some sinners are down right evil. BTW I'm voting Republican. I'm also selling that bridge in Sydney. Get your bids in now folks. I don't fancy your chances. Wouldn't it be nice to win the Lotto.  Repeat.  Wouldn't it be nice to win the Lotto. Repeat. And so on ad infinitum. Chances are that in a city of 3 million there will most likely be one emergency requiring an ambulance every day of the year. Could be a Lotto winner. Not likely though. Think of the odds. The house wins most of the time and when it doesn't it's because some wag has figured out how to cheat better. That wag ain't you.  Besides wags are exposed by their success and then blacklisted. Workers get blacklisted too. Working class wags know the score.  It's the bourgeoisie 10 the working class one. Realistic enough to grasp that she will never become bourgeois our heroine is known for her critical observations. Known. Not keeping quiet like a good German. Just kidding.  Lots of good German socialists past and present. She is noticed by her fellow workers and her supervising wage-slave driver herself a wage-slave of a wage-slave. It's just another day at work.  At the end of the week an agreed on amount of money appears in your bank account. If you have no union you just accept what your employer has decided the market price of your skills is and check your bank account to see what is there.  Kind of like a rat going to his push-bar to see whether water or food will come out. The master knows best. You listen for your master's voice. We all know this. No point in being pedantic. We accept this and will continue to do so as long as we are provided with the means to procure our daily bread and allow our politics to be shaped by our fears. Tobacco is the preferred drug of the Death Culture (tm)--because it is based on private corporate property. Kick it. Don't give in to those voices of apocalyptic despair. That would be your craving talking. Reason chooses the path of enlightenment. Emotion and bodily addiction choose the path of obscurantism and reaction. Feeding. Maintenance. No longer pleasure.  Maintenance. Dull Death Culture. End of adventure. Beginning of the acceptance of being used unto death. The wild calls. But we are afraid.  We are sore afraid. We fear the chaos of nature the outside of our digitised organised world.  A world outside of nature is impossible. Such a world can be imagined but it is not possible if we equate nature with the Universe. Who are we becoming. Are we becoming a what we're socialised to accept including most prominently the authority of those who pay us. Whether soldiers or workers all part of the military industrial complex tools and weapons at the ready. Push the button when told to.  Only following orders. Had to obey. Taught to say yes to power or else prison death or homelessly unemployed. Watch out for the kids. Be careful with those mortgages. Don't go off the rails. At least wait until Friday.  You can always distance yourself from the responsibility because you're not employed within the military industrial complex. Like the social division of labour is walled off from the military industrial complex. Separation pure and simple separation. In your mind.  Of course you can separate matters in your mind. It's when you enter the hurly burly of daily work life that you're connected.  But you can't see the forest for the trees except perhaps in your mind. There have been a lot of wrongly premised minds memorising the alley ways of very complex ideas mapped fundamentally on the notion that the Idea is the perfect form of reality. The particular idea of a particular ideology takes on a life of its own in the mind. As such this idea determines material conditions and social relations within reality to the idealist.  To the degree that material reality diverges from the perfection of the Idea to that degree reality has become decadent sinful and in need of a spiritual cleansing or even a political purge. Am I not right brothers and sisters. Don't be absurd.  I'm not your brother and you're not my sister.  We are or we should be sovereign individuals freely associating for our mutual benefit. This association obliterates wage labour when it becomes generalised. Equal political power between all men and women flows from a new social relation of power and wealth. No it does not exist at Mondragon. I am not barracking for equal ability intelligence or anything other than equal political power and access to the collective product of labour by the labour time one sovereign individual puts into producing same. Weather in the 90sF. Damp white roly-poly clouds take up 50% of a wide blue sky. Perth can be like that in February. And the ever present thunder-whine of jets full of people on their way over East. We are blessed.  Get off of my cloud. Please do not return. Just my daughter. She can return anytime. We allow old age to flow like sand in an hour glass. Actually we have no choice. Our hearts are usually limited to one billion beats.  More or less depends mostly on our genes. We can spend more time in good health if we exercise and enjoy a nutritious diet and sleep long enough. This regime may interfere with what gives us joy. Life's a bitch and then you die. I had a t-shirt emblazoned with this popular saying of the 80s soon after my second marriage.  I meant it then. Nowadays I'm happier much happier. That's the whole thing about over under upside down it changes from one to another and you can't perfectly predict when. They missed the boat.  The boat sailed with very few passengers. It's gone now down the memory hole. Turn it up and smoke some weed. But you won't and even you can't because you can't perceive the feelings of a time when the boat was taking off. The world is being emptied of magic as we take on the official role of mainstream adult.  Even non mainstream adults conforming to their own dulled vision reflect the acceptance of the limits imposed by the dominant paradigm. You can't do that. The liberatory appeal of the Marquis de Sade's mind lies in this culturally repeated repression.  Humans as a whole are still not capable of consciously making their own history. Although some humans try very hard the Totality weighs too much. The general social relations of power can be short circuited. Sparks have flown but the prairie fire leading to a free association of producers sovereign individuals consciously making their own history has not yet been lit. Embers populate the world. Orgasmic moments exist. Always a danger there for the bourgeoisie.  But as long as nobody is much listening who cares. Let them tell us how immoral we are. We bourgeois don't care beyond a charitable tax deduction. Our philosophy of freedom is based on our acceptance of your unfreedom. You repeat back that it's human nature. We nod. Your voice is allowed because we are very cosmopolitan.  Well most of us. Look we just want everyone to speak freely about making the real Jesus real once again. Everybody likes Jesus and Jesus loves us back forgiving us our imperfections aka sins.  In short we are endowed by our creator. The authority of class rule's ideology is everywhere woven into everyday life of the mind. Perception normal. The patient needs no doctor just an occasional orgasm. Many a cheap American beer has been salted over lack of same mostly by men listening to Patsy Cline singing Crazy on a very large multi-colour swirl lit jukebox in smoke-filled bars that closed at 2am. Many women have languished leading similar largely empty lives of quiet desperation. Some of them drank Gibbons. Others drank East Side Old Tap lager. Different strokes for different folks ain't that the way it goes. The loneliness one feels even in crowds of people participating in the same spectacle. Party meetings. Union meetings. Demonstrations. Voting. Smashing department store windows along Grand River Avenue. Perhaps the violence would encourage some sex but the quality would most likely be broken by the emptiness of not breaking with the sado-masochistic power of one over the other. The loss of political power should not be accepted by anyone. But it is. Shangri-La. I understand how orgasmic desire is connected to power. Power for what is the political question. The answer has sexual energy. I am but an ember. Like all life embers experience death. Experience ceases to be. Maybe they'll win. Maybe we'll suicide rather than get rid of their system. Maybe.  He would ride his bicycle to the pub on Thirsty Thursdays. After all he was only 71 years old.  Kilkenny was $7 a pint. His ride was about 14 kilometres back and forth. So he drank two pints an arvo enough time to consume the news of the day as the editors of the West Australian saw it. The editors were bourgeois. Editors almost always were people who owned enough in assets to rent collect interest or hire people for wages to make stuff for them to sell. A very livable income was the result. It still is. It's an important job being editor.  You have to be responsible. You have to instill that responsibility in your staff. Political differences are allowed but not ones which would support public ownership of the collective product of labour or even just more portions of it.  As long as political democracy exists there is always the possibility that the immense majority could choose such a path.  Of course such a course would lead to rack and ruin and possibly the end of the bourgeois as a class. Imagine having to become a useful producer after years of living off the product of others' labour time.  Imagine having to do something useful as opposed to wasting everybody but the bourgeois's time. Maybe putting some time into shelving books in a library.  Maybe putting some time into building a ship.  Maybe some time into caring for the sick.  Maybe spending your labour time doing those things as opposed to working in a bank or working at the stock exchange or putting time into selling real estate.  By your not spending your time in those useful things to the bourgeois you could add your time to other useful tasks thus shortening the totality of labour time necessary to function and thus being useful to your neighbours and humanity as a whole. And here's the kicker.  You would enjoy more leisure time and not suffer a lower standard of living all the while holding as much political power as anybody else. But of course that's not going to happen because the editor of the newspaper never gives such nonsense credence. The responsible thing to do is report the latest figures from the Hang Seng and give generally favourable coverage via headline composition to the more conservative end of town's perspective. Of course the whole of the important movers and shakers agree and so it goes. Unhealthy bastards and bitches both psychologically and politically.  The thing about fitness is that you have to connect with the way you were when you were a kid. You were intense then. You ran a heck of lot. You played games which involved using your whole body. Heck hopscotch dodge ball basketball baseball volleyball track field flag football speedball catch dirt clod fights snowball fights riding your sled downhill and so much more including tree climbing.  It's no wonder you were fitter. You were also immature.  You were full of human growth hormones and as you got a bit older your able body began to produce testosterone. Your mind was curious. You knew that you didn't know.  You had drive. What happens after the editors and their ilk get hold of your mind and body is that they become tired. They become tired of looking at screens of infotainment which disappear on the morrow if you're lucky. Otherwise you just produce alpha-waves in front of your screens and then hit the sack to wake up to another day of same-o same-o. They become tired of the sterile life. They begin to lose libido.  The mind lies mired in a pool of dogma happy as a pig in shit. Pigs are smart animals.  Aren't we lucky.  We gain weight and wait for the slaughter.  The axe falls at midnight. The redundancy notice is followed by months of personal probing line standing and frustration in Centrelink offices. And yet we're the only animal which can cook. Thank you Prometheus. Sorry about your punishment. Damn gods. Wanted us to stay Australopithecus forever just as rulers today want us to remain wage-slaves. Yet we're the creators of their power over us. I wonder to this day whether Australopithecus believed the supernatural existed. What will the fate of the intellect as an adaptive advantage be in future. Homo sapiens are on top of the food chain now.  Will it always be that way. As I keep saying we should make time for ourselves. Killing our curiosity through cynical illusions that knowing everything boils down to concepts about human nature we learned from our moral betters or just accepted amongst our peers as common sense keeps us from our childhood curiosity. At least we knew then that we didn't know everything. That has to be indoctrinated presented as common sense. More than a couple of hot afternoons are to be expected in February. The desert wind blows in from an eastward direction turning that heat into a 40C+ blast furnace much as the Hawk turns chilly winds coming off Lake Michigan into wind chill index readings of -30F.  Most people love Nature but it can be cruel making life nasty and brutish at times. Hobbes was an old monarchist misanthropist. So was Machiavelli.  Both servants of the dominant class. Neither accepted as members of that class.  Blood and Earth. Blut und Boden. And the strange things you hear coming from peoples' mouths. Their brains are functioning.  They've sopped up a lot of the politically correct thought.  PCT is in the air and everywhere. How can one avoid it. One cannot and so it goes as some wag of an author once wrote. It's PCT to believe that to propose any other system than the one we now create is an impossible silly dream. Human nature always comes to the rescue of the politically challenged. We would tear ourselves to pieces if we lived political lives similar to the ones we lived for tens of thousands of years before the discovery of agriculture. Hobbes would agree as would Carl Schmitt. Need I say more. Well I will anyway. PCT is the dominant ideology and the dominant ideology is ever the cultural political-economic creed of the ruling class. Thus bourgeois culture exists and continues with the occasional moral reformation. Sure we make history but within the confines of the social relations we're born into. Mostly these relations deaden the soul in the sense of music and libido in general. Stardust the song and the material basis of our existence. We continue. We fail. We continue anyway. I wish I'd enjoyed libations with Beckett or Jesus or Marx. Nietzsche would have been a kick. Bataille and I on schrooms I'd have loved it. Lost time.  Don't lose your time. Time's your most precious possession. Just ask the dead. They will not answer. Sure you know the answer. I'm a nice bonobo ape. Music is the entrance to our lost wild selves. Song started us along the road to language.  Communication gained. Communication lost. Balmy blue sky days are also common to Februarys in Perth.  Little brown lizards bask on the red bricks. I wish they would eat the pesky biting ants.  I hate using poison. Let the ants be food for the lizards. These are not vegan feelings. I do not qualify on so many of the moral prerequisites of others. But these are minor disagreements as the crow flies. Individuals should be able to tolerate omnivores and if they can't they deserve a monastery for the pure of heart where they can raise pigs cats dogs and cows without exploiting their lives. As with others for example ex members of the capitalist and landlord classes they can participate as useful producers giving up the labour time necessary to keep us all mutually safe warm well fed and secure as anybody else.  And if they choose not to be a useful producer they can go off on their own and do what they like. And if others wish to dominate us and make us give them control and ownership of what we socially produce we can fight them on the beaches in the air on the land and on the water.  A classless democracy need not be defenseless.  As long as class rule exists on the planet the producers will need to defend themselves from domination. Sadly military organisation will continue to be necessary as long as class ruled States exist.  On an individual level we will shun all dominators poseurs and sadists. We will have no time for them.  Sadie Hawkin's Day is another matter. Running vigorously on beach sand strengthens your knees. The granules seem to suck your feet in. Your lungs fill with air until you gasp and stop. The sea is being blown to a boil. You must enter. Summer's winding down to fall footy and ever more fabulous times. I feel sorry for the people who treat their lives cheaply by giving them up in exchange for life after death. I'm sure that if there was a god she'd feel the same way. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Now that makes moral sense. And why wouldn't parts of the various religious ideologies make sense.  Of course they would. Humanity creates its ideologies just as it produces architecture. Humanity controls fire.  What other animal can lay claim to that. Aristotle made the ancients' argument for chattel slavery in his Politics. Humanity creates a lot of ideas which may have seemed most appropriate in the past which today would be seen as immoral even criminal behaviour. Castrating children in order to rear them as eunuchs was considered perfectly normal in the Egyptian court circa 600 BC. Just another idea whose time had come now sublated. Hegel's conception of Objective Spirit covers it in its own way. Humanity moves in time progressing toward the Absolute but never quite arriving.  Absolute freedom is impossible. But a sovereign individual is something to be and can only become if all others are to become sovereign individuals as well knowingly feeling that an injury to one is an injury to all. Bataille and Marx would agree on these matters as I'm sure would Engels. Hegel would reflect on the imperfections plaguing materialism and idealism alike. 

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